Intellectual Property

With a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a broad background in technology law, Mr. Pitzer is equipped to prosecute or defend a broad array of intellectual property disputes, with a particular emphasis on claims involving theft of trade secrets and/or confidential information, and trademark infringement.

Commercial Litigation

Mr. Pitzer has represented corporations and individuals in countless complex commercial disputes for more than a quarter century.  His cases have involved , among other things, partnership breakups, misrepresentations in connection with the sale of a business or real estate, disputes over shareholder rights, the enforcement of non-compete and confidentiality agreements, securities fraud and insurance coverage.

Environmental Litigation

Mr. Pitzer has successfully defended complex environmental cleanup actions, including Superfund cost recovery and contribution claims, as well as reimbursement actions based on contractual and statutory indemnity. Mr. Pitzer's cases have involved sites contaminated with petroleum products, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other hazardous substances, including waste from food processing operations.


Mr. Pitzer has successfully defended multi-million dollar antitrust claims alleging conspiracies to monopolize a sector of the health care industry in Portland, Oregon. He also has defended corporate clients against allegations of international price-fixing.

Construction Litigation

Mr. Pitzer has defended companies both large and small in cases involving construction disputes, including defending the developer and property management firm in a multi-million dollar construction defect case involving an allegedly defective and decaying roof.


Mr. Pitzer has counseled clients and litigated claims regarding employment discrimination, wrongful discharge, non-compete agreements and misappropriation of trade secrets.

Eminent Domain

Mr. Pitzer has represented private landowners seeking to protect property from condemnation by either the government or government-sponsored development authorities, including successfully defending an Illinois landowner's $35 million property in a landmark case featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Criminal Defense

Mr. Pitzer has represented both corporate and individual clients regarding criminal exposure relating to tax evasion, investment fraud, securities violations, theft of trade secrets and immigration crimes. In addition to white collar criminal defense, Mr. Pitzer also has defended numerous traditional criminal cases, including the successful defense of cases involving first degree murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.